I'm Rachel 

and I like talking about feelings.

Seven years into a career as a creative strategist and content producer, I decided to take my passion for feelings back to grad school and pursue a Master's in Mental Health Counseling. Now, I'm bridging my two careers with freelance and project-based work that makes use of my creative eye + strategic prowess.

Humanified Brand Video
Scriptwriting + VO
Paxful Product Shoot
Photography + Art Direction
Mixed Media Graphics for Paxful
Design, Illustration, and Content Strategy
OXO Product Videos
Social Content for essence makeup
Strategy, Photography, + Styling
Creative Strategy, Production

Feelings Generator

Determining how you’re feeling (or how someone else is feeling) can be complicated and confusing. Sometimes ruling out how you’re not feeling can also help. Use this feelings generator for a simple way to start.

let's talk about feelings.let's talk about feelings.let's talk about feelings.

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