OXO Product Videos



The production company, Recreation Films, approached me with a daunting task: create a series of 200+ product videos for the consumer goods brand, OXO, that still felt interesting and unique to the product's features. While the Recreation team owned the video production, they needed help concepting and storyboarding each individual video.


When diving into this task, I only had one option at hand: get to know each product as intimately as I could. Additionally, I worked on building a templated system for the storyboards so we could create them at scale, saving the Recreation Films team both time and money for any future storyboards.


The storyboards that I created were used on-set to guide the director and the rest of the production team in telling each product's story. Overall, the boards led to a successful, jam-packed shoot and videos that accompany the product page of each OXO product.

let's talk about feelings.let's talk about feelings.let's talk about feelings.

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