Humanified Brand Video



Humanified approached the boutique agency, RAXO, wanting to put their best foot forward for their launch. As the startup app branding itself as "social media for social impact," Humanified had to achieve a delicate balance: inspiring an audience without getting too serious OR making light of the power of digital activism.


As the Director of Strategy for the agency and the lead on this project, I conducted a series of focus groups with Humanified's target audience, attempting to understand their perception of social activism. In crafting the script, I knew we had to incorporate an element of self-awareness without over-promising what the app could deliver. I also was able to lend my voice to this project, understanding the exact tone we were going for.


Humanified has yet to launch officially, but they've received positive feedback both verbally and in terms of traffic to the landing page where their launch video lives. Now, they're set up with a series of paid ads for this video when they're ready to launch.

let's talk about feelings.let's talk about feelings.let's talk about feelings.

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